3 Top POS Systems For Dry Cleaners – Reviews & Comparisons

Dry cleaners are an essential business for people of all different walks of life.

People use dry cleaners for their best clothes. Anyone who has ever gone to a job interview, church, wedding, or other important event has definitely used a dry cleaning service. Dry cleaners ensure that clothes will be deeply cleaned without any damage.


Due to the fact that most people using a dry cleaner service are going to an important event, the act of actually visiting the dry cleaners is a big deal. It is a special service for special moments, which is why having a high quality point of sale system for your dry cleaning business is crucially important.

There are plenty of POS systems available for dry cleaner businesses, and for businesses in general. Every different one offers different features suitable for different business types. Prices vary between POS systems. Therefore, using the wrong POS system can be very costly for a business.

Best Dry Cleaner Business POS System Providers


$99/month (1 register, 5 employees);

$169/month (2 registers, 10 employees);

$289/month (4 registers, 20 employees)

$29/month for each additional register after the first 3

$100/month, plus $50 for each additional register.
No limit on employee access. Pricing varies
Customer Support24/7 customer support24/7 customer support24/7 customer support

Mail Sync








Apple Pay

Freedom Pay

Hardware and OS RequirementsiPhone/iPad(3rd generation or newer)iOS 7 (iPad 2 or newer), iPhone, iPad MiniiOS (iPad Mini)

Credit Card Processing

Customer Relationship Support

Employee Management

Versatile Reporting

Work Order


MultiStore Option

LightSpeed eComm Platform

Credit Card Processing

Inventory Management

Speedy Checkout

Customer Tracking/Management

Employee Tracking

Digital Receipts

Credit Card Processing

Customer Relationship


Delivery Management


Employee Tracking

Online and Mobile Orders

Our Top Pick for Dry Cleaners POS System: LightSpeed

LightSpeed is an easy to use POS system, which would be ideal for a small dry cleaning business. It is not a POS system specifically for dry cleaning, but it still has all the features required to run the business smoothly. Features such as work order management make running a dry cleaning business simple. This is a POS system that is really worth the money.

LightSpeed is a POS system with a solid reputation among small businesses. This is an ideal choice for dry cleaners.

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Best Dry Cleaner Business POS System Providers

LightSpeed Retail

LightSpeed Retail is a versatile point-of-sale system that can be used on different devices, such as tablets, computers and more. Lightspeed works best for small and medium sized businesses, however larger businesses could use this system as well. LightSpeed is a particularly good choice for dry cleaning businesses as it has options available that really tailor to a dry cleaners needs.


The pricing for LightSpeed Retail is really good for dry cleaning businesses, especially since many dry cleaning businesses don’t operate many registers. Their cheapest plan is $99 a month, billed annually. This plan services one register and gives access to up to five employees. This is the plan that would likely suit most dry cleaning businesses, however there are also other plans available. The next plan is $169 a month and is good for two registers and ten employees. The largest plan is $289 a month and is good for four registers, and twenty employees.

For dry cleaning companies that are considering the biggest plan but have more employees or registers than what the plan offers, there are options available. For an extra $59 dollars a month, you can add an additional register and three employees. Each additional employee after that is $9 a month.

All of the plans available provide useful features, such as 24/7 support, free updates, security cloud backup, and reporting.. This is great for ensuring that your point-of-sale system is always up to date and working efficiently.

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

LightSpeed sells several different hardware packages to meet each individual business’s needs. Their Silver Edge Preferred Bundle includes all the software required for the point-of-service system, and also includes hardware, such as an iPad Pro. There is also a iPad hardware kit, and a desktop hardware kit. Both of those packages include all the software, and hardware items such as the receipt printer and cash drawer. These packages do not include an iPad or desktop.

Lightspeed also sells individual hardware devices, such as a cash drawer, for businesses who already have registers themselves and just need certain hardware pieces.


LightSpeed offers plenty of features that will make a dry cleaning company flourish.

One great feature of LightSpeed is it’s capability to accept many different forms of payment. This includes cash, credit cards, gift cards, even store credit if your dry cleaning company offers it. There is a discount option and a sales delay option. I am particularly fond of the sales delay option, as it allows you to resume a sale on another device.

The basic inventory management options are some a dry cleaning business can really benefit from. Category management, descriptions, and recorder points are available. You can also use customizable tags and bulk item management.

The purchase order management allows a business to receive/track orders. This makes it so simple for dry cleaning businesses to track each order that comes in.

Employees are easily tracked through the LightSpeed system. There is a time clock available, and you can track how many sales each employee makes.

LightSpeed has one of the best reporting options available. The reports are customizable. With these reports, a business can check profits, the cost of inventory, and the most profitable services. This can really help dry cleaners visualize the results of their work, which makes improving the company easy.

Offline Mode

Many businesses are wary of using cloud based point-of-sale systems simply due to the fact that if connection fails, business fails. However, LightSpeed Pro is a hybrid platform, meaning the system can be used both online and offline. This means dry cleaners never have to worry about losing business simply due to connection issues.

Customer Support

LightSpeed Pro offers great customer support. Support for both hardware and software is included in all of their plans and is accessible 24/7. It can be reached by phone, email, live chat, and forums.


The variety of features offered by LightSpeed Pro is enough to make any dry cleaning business grow. The management options especially make this point-of-sale system unique. LightSpeed is one of the best POS systems available today, and dry cleaners can benefit greatly from it.

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ShopKeep is another popular point-of-sale system for small businesses. The pricing is fair, it’s simple to use, and can be customized to a dry cleaning business’s specific needs. It features 24/7 customer service, making use of this system even easier.


ShopKeep charges $69/month per register. This is a little higher than other point-of-sale options, however for small businesses it can be a cost efficient choice. The cost includes 24/7 customer support, a setup session with a ShopKeep expert, the ShopKeep app(available for Apple), unlimited inventory and unlimited employee tracking. Although the first three registers are $69 a month each, it is only $29 a month to add additional ones after that.

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

All of the hardware required for ShopKeep is available through their website. Shopkeep offers expert help with setup.

As of today, the software works on iOS7. ShopKeep is working on allowing their software to work on Android devices as well.


ShopKeep offers a variety of features that any dry cleaning business could benefit from. It gives businesses the offers to choose which features will be best for them.

One unique feature of ShopKeep is they offer their own credit card processor. This takes away the headache of having to obtain one elsewhere. Custom layouts make managing the dry cleaning point-of-sale system simple.

ShopKeep offers great inventory management features. Dry cleaners will appreciate this as it adds incredible amounts of ease to tracking orders. This feature can be used with any size business so any dry cleaning company could use this.

The system is efficient for employee tracking. Track your employees clocked-in hours and sales. You can also track customers, which can help a dry cleaning company run their business to it’s maximum capacity.

For dry cleaning businesses that have multiple locations, ShopKeep is for you. ShopKeep offers multi-store capability. This means owners can view each individual store, or view them all on a parent website.

The PocketApp allows dry cleaners to keep track of their business no matter where they are. While ShopKeep software can only be used on iOS, the PocketApp is available for Android and Apple devices.

Offline Mode

ShopKeep is capable of being used while offline. This means dry cleaning businesses never have to worry about losing business due to lost connection.

Customer Service

ShopKeep offers 24/7 customer support for all of it’s users. The specialists can be contacted via email, phone, social media, or chat. They have a high staffed customer support team, so help is always available.


ShopKeep is a great option for small dry cleaning companies. They offer exactly what every small business needs, without a bunch of extra unnecessary features.

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Revel Systems

Revel Systems have been in business since 2010. The interface is something users love and they offer a wide variety of features. This system is geared for businesses of all sizes, so even small dry cleaning companies could heavily benefit from Revel. This is a system a dry cleaning business could really take advantage of.


Unlike other point-of-sale systems available, Revel hides their prices. They give individualized quotes for each business that uses them. The cost of Revel depends on the type of business and the number of stores, however most small dry cleaning businesses can expect to pay around $100/month per register.

There is also an option called Revel as a Service. This option allows businesses to pay a monthly fee, which includes hosting charges and equipment replacements in the event that hardware is defective or malfunctions.

Hardware and Operating System Requirements

At this point in time, Revel software only works with iOS. Android options may be available in the future. The hardware can be purchased directly from Revel to ensure it is the best fit for your software. However, one could also purchase hardware from a third party, as long as it’s compatible.


Revel Systems is by far one of the most advanced point-of-sale systems available. There are so many features available that some businesses may find it overwhelming.

One feature many business owners love is the easy to use, beautiful interface. It is very easy to learn how to get the most out of this system. The system is customizable to fit every businesses needs. This is something dry cleaning companies everywhere will appreciate.

Another feature that Revel offers that will greatly benefit dry cleaners is the customer relationship management interface. Anyone who has worked in the dry cleaning industry understands how important it is to meet the needs of each individual customer, and this POS system makes that easy. You can track customers exact wishes and make notes about special requests for each order. This eliminates so many possibilities of mistakes.

If your dry cleaning business offers delivery, Revel will work great for you. The delivery management console allows you to track addresses, delivery times, and tips. There is also a caller ID system that allows businesses to view customers data as soon as they call the store.

High quality inventory control allows dry cleaning businesses to easily keep track of all their inventory in one place. It makes it easy to spot a problem immediately. Dry cleaning companies using Revel never have to stress about losing orders.

There are management tools within the system that allow businesses to track both employees and products. This can help businesses manage everything from time clocks to orders. This will improve the efficiency of a dry cleaning company significantly.

The system is capable of generating sales reports. Users can check daily and hourly sales using the Revel POS system. This system also makes it easy to check an employee’s clock in records. It is also easy to manage overtime records.

Offline Mode

Although Revel operates through a cloud, the system regularly backs up data. If you lose internet access, you can still manage your dry cleaning business. This option is called “Always On”.

Customer Support

Revel offers 24/7 customer support to all of it’s users. Dry cleaning companies can easily contact them via email, chat, and phone.


Revel is a good choice for dry cleaning companies, especially bigger ones. The features make it easy for any dry cleaning company to succeed with them.

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What is Important to Consider When Purchasing a Dry Cleaning POS System?

When deciding on which dry cleaning point-of-sale system is right for you, consider the following;

  • Budget
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Hardware Compatibility
  • Smart Reporting
  • Cloud Options

The best POS system for a dry cleaning company depends on that individual company’s needs. There should be plenty of features, be easy to use, and be affordable for your business. You should be able to customize the system depending on your dry cleaners needs.

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