Best POS System For Fast Food Restaurants

In any fast food restaurant, having a great point-of-sale system is an absolute must. A good POS system ensures each customer transaction will run smoothly. There are tons of different point-of-sale systems available on the market, so choosing the right one can be incredibly overwhelming for fast food restaurant owners.

When choosing a POS system for your business, you want to make sure that it is one that is highly functionable and easy to operate. It should also be an affordable system, you don’t want to use something that is too costly just for processing customer payments.

Additional features, such as inventory management and automation, are also important to consider when purchasing a point-of-sale system for your fast food restaurant. These features make running the business simpler. Many fast food restaurants prefer a point-of-sale system that allows them to manage sales, employees, and inventory. A high quality POS system should have these functions.

In this article, we will go over how to choose the best POS system for your fast food restaurant. These POS systems will help you keep track of your inventory, manage employees, and manage sales. They will be at different price points, so determining the best one for your fast food restaurant depends on the overall size of your business. We hope that this guide will help you make your decision!

Best Overall POS System for Fast Food Restaurants: TouchBistro 

TouchBistro is the number one food selling app on Apple’s AppStore. This is for a reason, as TouchBistro provides all the services a fast food restaurant needs in it’s point-of-sale system. The price is good, even for smaller sized fast food restaurants.

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Top Fast Food Restaurant POS Systems Comparison

Pricing (Single Register)$69/Month$69/Month$100/Month

Unique Features
Customizable menu

Can process all forms of payment

Easy table layout functions
Ingredient inventory tracking

Generates reorder points

Cloud-based reporting
Closeout day function

Easy service area layout

Automatically clocks out all employees
Locally or Cloud BasedLocally basedHybrid – runs locally, syncs to cloudCloud based
Customer Service24/7 Live Support24/7 Live Support24/7 Live Support







Our Second Best Fast Food Restaurant POS: ShopKeep 

Although ShopKeep wasn’t only designed for fast food restaurants, and is used for businesses in many different industries, it still has useful features for fast food restaurants. Their inventory tracking feature is great as helping fast food restaurant’s reduce waste. This works by allowing business owners to track every food ingredient down to their raw ingredients. Reducing food waste has been proven to be the most effective way to keep food costs down. It’s pricing is affordable, making ShopKeep’s functionality well worth it.

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Why TouchBistro is our Top POS Choice for Fast Food Restaurants

TouchBistro has been around only since 2011, and has already won several awards. TouchBistro even won an award for Best Restaurant POS 2017. It is the top-selling Apple app for food service. The point-of-sale system is simple to use and well designed, making it the best restaurant focused system.


TouchBistro is one of the most popular point-of-sale system available for fast food restaurants. The features are simply unbeatable. Some of those include menu selections and ordering, wireless transfers of orders to the kitchen, and more. Any feature that would be specific to the food industry, TouchBistro has. Fast food restaurants require their point-of-sale system offer industry specific features in order to run efficiently, making TouchBistro a great choice.

Not only is TouchBistro good for managing orders and processing payments, it can also be used for back-office type work. Basic employee management along with reporting is also available with TouchBistro. This includes the ability to create individual employee logins, and monitor sales reports. Anyone who has worked in the fast food industry understands the importance of keeping labor down to a minimum, and TouchBistro makes it easy to monitor employee labor.

One unique feature that TouchBistro offers is its ability to process all forms of payment. This includes cash, credit cards, and mobile payments. Any TouchBistro plan includes all forms of payment processing in their price, and there are no additional charges. Many point-of-sale systems available aren’t able to handle such payment options, which really puts TouchBistro ahead of the game.

TouchBistro POS system is fully customizable. The system can be modified so easily that it can be done over the course of a day. A fast food restaurant could organize the menu in any way and add pictures. This makes it easier for employees to use, and allows them to work quicker as they don’t have to spend time looking for something in a point-of-sale menu.


The cheapest price plan for TouchBistro is $69 a month, which covers one terminal. Since most fast food restaurants have two terminals, one inside the restaurant and one in the drive-thru, many would benefit from either the Dual Plan ($129/month, 2 terminals) or the Team Plan ($249/month, 5 terminals).

This pricing is really good for all of the features that are offered. There are plenty of point-of-sale systems around that charge an arm and a leg just for extra features, such as gift card processing. TouchBistro’s pricing includes all of their features, making this a great option for any sized fast food restaurant.

Downsides to TouchBistro 

Of course, no point-of-sale system is perfect. One kind of feature that the TouchBistro is missing is any kinds of inventory tracking features. This is something that fast food restaurants would heavily benefit from. Although TouchBistro is still a great point-of-sale system, it is important to consider this before making a purchase. If this is something absolutely crucial for your business, we recommend considering ShopKeep, which we go over more below.


TouchBistro offers many different features for all types of fast food restaurants. Small fast food restaurants to larger ones will enjoy having TouchBistro to fulfill their needs. The price is good considering all the features included with it.

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ShopKeep: Another Great POS Choice for Fast Food Restaurants

ShopKeep is one of the most highly praised point-of-sale systems available for fast food restaurants. It is easy to use, and has a range of features suitable for any business, including a fast food restaurant. The price is great too! There are many reasons why a fast food restaurant would consider ShopKeep.


ShopKeep has all of the basic features that a fast food restaurant needs in their point-of-sale system. Some key features include employee and inventory management. This includes extensive back office features, such as the ability to manage employee permissions. One unique feature is you can configure access levels for each individual employee, meaning they can only use the features you want them to use.

ShopKeep has impressive inventory functions. You can track quantities of each individual item, set reorder points, and generate a report detailing what your reorder criteria is. This is something that fast food restaurants will find especially useful, as it will prevent them from running out of important items. Everyone who has ever worked in the fast food industry knows how detrimental running out of one simple ingredient can be, and ShopKeep prevents this.

WIth ShopKeep, you can bundle together specific items. This means you can stay stocked on the ingredients necessary for your fast food restaurants most popular items. This can also help business owners monitor which perishable items aren’t being used quickly enough, which can cut back on food waste. This small change can greatly increase a fast food restaurants profits while lowering overhead, which is why ShopKeep is so preferred.


ShopKeep is a highly affordable point-of-sale system. It is cost effective for fast food restaurants. It is $69 dollars a month for one register. This includes 60 days of free support from a ShopKeep expert, with 24/7 customer support after that. This plan includes all of their features.

For business owners still on the fence over which POS system is best for their business, ShopKeep offers a 14-day free trial. Also, it is contract free, meaning you can cancel at anytime without penalty.

Customer Service

ShopKeep keeps their customers in mind at all times. Unlimited customer support is available 24/7. Business owners who use ShopKeep will have access to many articles and training videos to help them understand the software.


ShopKeep is a point-of-sale system that was designed with small businesses in mind. This is ideal for fast food restaurants. It has many features that are extremely beneficial for fast food restaurants. Using ShopKeep is a cost effective way to improve a fast food restaurants functionality. So many important management tasks can be done with ShopKeep point-of-sale system, which is it is one of our favorites.

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Toast: A Fast Food Management Solution

Toast is a point-of-sale system that specializes in food service. It is a full restaurant management solution. In the 2016 NEVY awards, Toast was named hottest startup company. This is a reputable POS system for fast food restaurants.


Toast offers features that are specific to the foodservice industry. This is something that fast food restaurants could really benefit from. It is easy to split checks with Toast. Anyone who has ever worked in a fast food restaurant understands how crucial that can be.

There is also a close-out day function with the Toast point-of-sale system. When using this feature, you get an audit report on all current checks open and employee activity. This is useful for fast food restaurants as managing things such as employee activity is important for keeping labor down.

Toast will automatically close out all paid checks and clocks out all employees. This saves fast food business owners the headache of having to manually change information. You can always review the audit before closing time, and make sure everything is correct.


Toast is not the cheapest point-of-sale system available. In fact, at $100 a month, it is one of the higher priced point-of-sale system for fast food restaurants. However, this plan includes unlimited access to their full range of features along with 24/7 customer support.

For extra add-ons with Toast, you have to pay a higher price. For example, if your fast food restaurant has gift cards, whether digital or physical, you will have to pay an extra $50 a month. If your business offers online ordering, it is another $50 a month. This may be too high for some fast food restaurants to consider.


For a larger, more established fast food restaurant, Toast could be the perfect point-of-sale system. It offers many features that make managing a fast food restaurant easier than ever. For smaller fast food restaurants, the price might be too high for it to be worth it. Determining if this POS system is right for your business really depends on the needs and size of your fast food restaurant.

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Our Final Review for Fast Food Restaurant Point-of-Sale Systems

There are as many different point-of-sale systems available as there are kitchens. Looking into all the options you have for a POS system can become extremely overwhelming. When deciding whether or not to go with an industry specific point-of-sale system, the stress can double. Fortunately, you don’t have to look too far to find the perfect point-of-sale system for your fast food restaurant.

We strongly recommend either TouchBistro or ShopKeep for your fast food restaurant’s point-of-sale system needs. The features are comprehensive and the price is affordable for just about any sized business. More established fast food chains may want to consider a higher-end option, such as Toast. The price is higher, but it is better equipped to manage larger businesses.

You could read through endless point-of-sale system reviews all day in hopes of deciding which one is right for you. Or, you could let us spend all day reading reviews, and then read our reviews of the best systems available. The second option definitely saves business owners a lot of valuable time. Regardless of the size of your fast food restaurant, we hope this guide helped you in making your decision.

No matter what point-of-sale system you decide is right for your fast food restaurant, you can sure that all three mentioned in this review will be worth your time!

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