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Best Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

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Best Real Estate Lead Generation WebsitesThere are companies that provide realtors with leads using different methods of getting online prospects. The way these lead generation firms work may be either very good or very poor quality. Auto-dialers, ad campaigns, and email lists make for suspicious lists. And it can be overwhelming for a realtor to choose a reliable, trust-worthy lead generation website that will deliver quality leads.

Here, we collected the best sites – RealGeeks, Zurple and Boomtown – that we will compare to find the perfect website for realtor’s needs.

The Best Lead Generation Website: RealGeeks

Arguably, RealGeeks is the best of the best since they offer everything a realtor may desire, and the amount of customization functions is amazing. They are also cheap and reliable, which is perfect for small realtor teams with limited budgets. Below, there are the three main reasons why every realtor should check RealGeeks:

  • Cost-effective for huge teams (5 or more people)

RealGeeks has a special offer for big realtor teams. Monthly cost for each member of a team will be $449.80, compared to $559.80 on Zurple and $645 on BoomTown.

  • Customization features

All three websites can create a home search website to effectively generate leads but RealGeeks allows for complete customization of your website. You can write a blog and add pages, change colors and backgrounds; with RealGeeks, it is simple to create a website that matches your brand image.

Even though RealGeeks cannot offer the best in website design, it is a quick and easy solution for any realtor. They offer nicely looking layouts that will work just fine for lead generation.

RealGeeks offers a website that you can use as your main site. If you are new to this business, you can save a lot of time and money on building your own website from scratch and making monthly payments for it.

  • Follow up your leads with advanced features

Unlike other two companies, RealGeeks offers mass texting which can help you communicate with leads, collect responses or advertise your services and engage them to take an action. You can also have several conversations at once because every new conversation opens in a new window.

The only downside of this site is their prices for individual realtors, which can be too expensive.

Individual Realtors And Brokers Should Check Zurple

Zurple offers better prices for individual agents and small teams who need lead generation services. Zurple also offers a unique feature: it analyses the online behavior of your leads and sends them different emails to match their needs and interests.

Zurple clients get a message when the website finds a lead that is ready to make a purchase. Then you can take an action and pursue the lead to get your services while Zurple will nurture others until they are ready.

However, there are two things to consider before choosing Zurple. To start with, it can be quite expensive for larger teams. Besides, it doesn’t have many customization features and all you can do is to add your logo and signature to the website and emails.

The Best In Customization And CRM Is BoomTown

Customization features are important for many realtors because they help them stand out from the crowd. BoomTown knows this and offers different templates, widgets, subpages and blog customization features so that every realtor can create a website they need.

Besides, BoomTown is the only service that has a huge sharing library that is written and shared by other users. Everything has rates and you can easily choose the one that has the highest rating.

Speaking of CRM, BoomTown allows you to design drip campaigns, segment leads and even offer your leads property that fits their needs. The website uses an algorithm that analyzes every lead and chooses the best fit for it. BoomTown can also show your leads new listings, discounts and so on.

However, with great features comes higher price. This website is much more expensive than previous two. For example, a small team of three agents should spend $1612 on BoomTown.

What Is Lead Generation?

Even though all lead generation websites use the same methods to collect leads, some of these are more effective than others. Here is what you can get:

  • Lead Capture

When a person uses your website, he/she is offered to give their information such as an email to receive listings and so on.

  • PPC advertising

These websites charge you monthly to manage your PPC advertising on social media websites and Google. All you need is to set a budget.

  • Buyer and seller lead generation

You will get websites that buyers use to search for listings or home evaluation websites.

  • CRM

When you get a lead, it is imported into a CRM, where you can manage them (for example, organize cold leads, buyer leads and so on).

  • Lead nurturing

These websites work with leads who give you their contact data. They send emails with your offerings, lists and discounts.

Now, when we know what techniques websites use to generate leads for you, let’s have a look at RealGeeks, Zurple, and BoomTown.

Ways RealGeeks, Zurple, And BoomTown Generate Leads

Lead generation websites are considered effective when they can offer leads something new; something that they cannot get from free Zillow, Redfin and other home search websites. And many lead generation services use the same databases, thus they can only generate low quality leads.

RealGeeks, Zurple, and BoomTown conduct an IDX-property search and offer your leads an easier way to find a perfect home. They show beautiful pictures instead of boring charts, which engage buyers to use your services.

All companies use pop-ups to engage leads give their contact information. Then they receive listings that match their needs. Below, there is a closer look at these three websites.

RealGeeks Review

With RealGeeks, you can create a website using simple tools and then turn it into your only website, with your unique design and content. Of course, the main focus is home search and listings, but you can also create a blog, add videos, testimonials, chat agents, and anything else that you can possibly add on any other website.

According to statistics, it’s beneficial for realtors and brokers to have their own blog and deliver quality content. SEO optimized blog posts deliver traffic to the website, which means it will be ranked organically and appear high in search results. With RealGeeks, you can go for PPC marketing and forget about using other websites.

RealGeeks offers a unique $199 plan for 9 people, which is a price of other popular websites, such as Placester and EasyAgentPro. However, with RealGeeks you will also get advanced CRM and home valuation pages.

Zurple Review

Zurple has different plans to fit different needs. When you sign up for the cheapest program, you can only create one website. However, if you choose to upgrade to a more expensive program, you can create as many lead generation sites as you want.

Zurple is the only platform that offers multiple sites for your convenience. With it, you can create different sites to target different groups, write content with different keywords and generate more leads.

Of course, more websites doesn’t mean you will get a better mousetrap, but you will definitely get more leads. However, Zurple doesn’t have as many customization features as other sites while charging the same price. On the other hand, Zurple is cheaper when you work in a small team and there are enough features to build trust.

On the bright side, Zurple has pretty attractive website layouts. If you are not into customizing your own website or just need a site for lead generation, Zurple is the best option you can find.

BoomTown Review

BoomTown is the newest website and it takes the best from previous two and adds something new. For example, it also utilizes the concept of a fully customizable website and makes it more convenient for realtors. BoomTown has many attractive templates and plans that can be easily customized to represent your brand.

You can also use BoomTown as your one and only website. However, BoomTown is quite expensive compared to others. For example, a team of three should sign up for their Grow plan, which costs $1500 for the website and CRM.

The price may be worth it if you use the subdomains for every agent. Only BoomTown has this feature: every agent can create their own website to generate leads and send emails to clients.

Price Comparison

Nowadays, many realtors utilize websites that automatically shows users listings from the MLS as their competitive advantage. Of course, you can build your own website but it is cheaper and faster to use lead generation service and pay a monthly fee. And even though some realtors say that it means renting a website instead of owning it, there are many benefits of choosing a service that help you create websites to generate leads.

There are hundreds of websites that offer CRM for as little as $10 per month or as much as $80 per month. When you are choosing a platform for your lead generation needs, don’t forget to include the cost for CRM in your budget. Besides, it should also be evaluated when creating your own website.

RealGeeks is the only website that allows you to scale growth at a reasonable price. They offer a fully customizable website and CRM for $169 per month and then you can growth your website to 9 agents for $30 per month. This is the cheapest option among these three companies.

Zurple is in the middle, charging more expensive prices than RealGeeks but half of what BoomTown charges for their cheapest plan. However, growth with Zurple is also expensive. Moreover, when you need to add an agent you should also add a website instead of directing your budget to the same one.

BoomTown is expensive for both small and large teams. It charges $750 for one to three members, and then jumps to $1500 for adding a new agent. This can be quite expensive for many, even though BoomTown charges more reasonable price when you sign up for their Growth plan. Adding new agents there will cost you $39.

PPC Advertising Comparison

When you chose the lead generation platform, created and customized your website, you can also pay for additional features. One of them offers to market your website. Lead generation websites use Pay Per Click or PPC advertising on social networks and Google.

When it comes to ROI and PPC advertising, new realtors can get lost in multiple techniques and methods. Even professional agents can have hard time trying to get consistent results from their marketing efforts. Therefore, getting a professional who can design and manage PPC marketing campaign for you can save money in the long-term and generate better leads in the short-term.

All three websites charge a fee for their PPC efforts on top of the monthly payment. However, only RealGeeks charges a defined amount of money ($550 per month). Other two take a certain percentage of your budget. You pay them this fee every time someone click on your add.

What option to choose depends on your marketing budget and how much the site is already charging for the website. Let’s compare all three websites.

As we mentioned earlier, RealGeeks is the only website that charges a flat fee to manage PPC advertising and generate leads, and they only charge $50 more to generate seller leads for you.

This pricing is a great advantage for everyone with big PPC budgets. Depending on the market, Google can be expensive and sometimes cost per click can cost you almost $2, which means you are paying two dollars every time a user clicks on the add. This can add up quickly for realtors who have a team of five agents to provide leads for. Therefore, paying $550 once is much better.

Zurple charges 20% of your PPC marketing budget every month to take care of your advertising efforts. However, since they also offer more than one website to every team, they have maximum budget for each tier. For instance, the maximum marketing budget for a single site is $250. If you want to increase your marketing budget you should open more websites, which means higher fees for PPC advertising.

BoomTown is more expensive than RealGeeks but more reasonable than Zurple. It charges 15% of your marketing budget every month to take care of your PPC efforts. This is quite inexpensive when comparing to other lead generation websites that normally charge from 20% to 30% for their marketing efforts.

Lead Capture Tools Comparison

When you choose a platform and create a website, each of these three websites will start collecting user information using simple pop up forms. When users enter their contact information, websites automatically add them to your CRM. There, you can analyze your leads, track them and decide which ones you will follow up. Let’s compare all three websites.

When users open RealGeeks, they can run a search, go through its results and view pictures of several properties. Then a pop-up appears. The website uses a standard form that is engaging but not annoying. The popup encourages users to enter their emails to receive listings that match their needs. RealGeeks also has simple forms for visitors that are used to capture more leads.

Zurple also has a simple pop-up form as well as additional forms to help capture more leads.

Just like two previous sites, BoomTown uses pop-ups to capture leads. However, BoomTown’s pop-up is arguably simpler and more attractive than the one RealGeeks has. For example, a user can sign up with Facebook within several seconds. Along with pop-ups, BoomTown also has other forms to capture more leads.

Automated Lead Follow-Up Comparison

PPC advertising is a proven way to generate leads but CRM and lead nurturing is an essential part of turning leads into buyers. All three websites have advanced features to help you with that. With CRM, you can manage your leads, divide them into different groups, choose what leads you want to reach now and what leads should wait.

The CRM of these three companies is quite powerful and more advanced compare to other websites. Arguably, BoomTown has the best CRM among these three services.

Lead nurturing and follow-up is necessary to keep cold leads interested in your service until they are ready to buy or sell. With automated lead nurturing you can keep all your leads engaged using emails or text, either by sending reminders at predetermined intervals or by sending listings that match their needs.

We think that Zurple has the most powerful lead nurturing features among these three websites. Unlike other two, Zurple offers lead nurturing after analyzing actions leads took on the website. All in all, they can analyze 26 behavioral actions which is more than enough for an automated lead nurturing.

However, while this feature is very helpful and can successfully generate leads, you can only add your brand logo or signature to your emails. There are no features that will let you send fully customizable emails and texts.

Speaking of BoomTown and RealGeeks, they also have automated emails and drip campaigns, but they can only send them at predetermined intervals. They don’t analyze lead behavioral patterns and are triggered when a user signs-up for the website.

BoomTown Has the Best Lead Follow-Up System

Among these two, BoomTown can offer a little bit more advanced features. BoomTown has an algorithm that pulls in social media accounts when a lead signs-in for the website. This is not very helpful with cold leads but still make lead nurturing much easier.

For example, one of your lead can be a fan of your favorite bar. You can analyze this information and send them emails that mention the bar. “Checked out their new menu? You should also check out these new listings!”

If you are new to lead nurturing and don’t have a strategy yet, BoomTown has a huge library with prewritten campaigns, texts and emails. They all were written by the BoomTown users and are rated by professional retailers and brokers. Just choose one and you are ready to start.

BoomTown also has a unique feature: it can match leads to properties and properties to leads. When leads enter their search criteria, the website memorizes them and then uses to analyze new listings. Then, these listings are given a score from 1-100 to show how well they will fit to a lead. You can easily send the best fitting property to your leads.

BoomTown also has hotsheets that highlight listings that fit your search criteria. Even better, they show beautiful pictures of every listing. The website can also assign leads to certain agents.

Integration Comparison

All three websites partner with Zillow and Trulia. You can easily import your leads from these sites and continue nurturing those using advanced CRM features.

It is one of the most recent features, at the moment RealGeeks offers integration with Zillow and Trulia but more websites can be added in future.

Zurple was one of the first websites who offered integration with other platforms. It also partners with Zillow and Trulia.

BoomTown also partners with Zillow and Trulia. Moreover, it works with Mojo Dealer to simplify the process of cold calling, BombBomb to include video in your emails, and RPR to automatically import property data.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Websites: Our Final Review

At the end of the day, the job of a real estate agent comes down to leads and sales. And even the best lead generation websites can be a negative if you don’t want to build your own brand image and have the strong internet presence. Naturally, people prefer to do business with realtors they know and trust. So, should getting trusted by using a quality lead generation website be one of your priorities?





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